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Wake up 

Yoga Asanas


Karma Yoga

Free time


Free time
Yoga Asanas

Lights off

The programme includes :

A day in noble silence.

Walking meditation to the river.

Yoga Nidra.

The daily schedule is designed to offer the best experience of living according to the Yoga lifestyle. 


"Dive inside."

Every morning and evening we sit in group meditation in the main room. The meditation hours are silent. They end with a short lecture inspiring the day or the night sleep.
If you already have a meditation practice you are invited to deepen this practice, if you are new to meditation, lectures and instructions will be given regularly to assure a progressive understanding and progression. 

The teachings focus on Vipassana Meditation. Dwelling in mindfulness and gaining mastery of the mind through the development of self awareness and equanimity (evenness of the mind). 


Yoga Asanas
"Stretch, Breathe, Surrender."

Yoga Asanas are 1h45 long and are composed by Pranayama (Breathing exercises), Asanas (Yoga Postures), Relaxation (Savasana) and a final short Meditation.

Pranayama means control of the vital energy, it allows to control the mind through the control of the breath. The Breath becomes an intimate tool to regenerate our body, quieten our anxieties, and calm the mind.
Asanas are the traditional yoga body postures. They give the opportunity to the body to release tensions and knots. Together with awareness and proper breathing every posture turns into a union between body and mind.

Savasana is the deepest experience of relaxation. Translated as the "corpse" posture, the body and mind surrender completely to the present without resistance.

Slow and introspective postures deepen the meditation. 


"Right understanding,
deep practice."

Only through one's own practice, one can experience the benefits of Yoga.
Lectures are not an intellectual entertainment nor a philosophical distraction. 

However it is necessary to have a proper understanding of the practice and the philosophy to clarify one's doubts and have mental space to practice adequately. 

During the lectures we will discuss The Vipassana meditation practice and philosophy, The philosophy of Yoga, The power of a positive thinking and The Eastern Yoga scriptures "The Bhagavad Gita".

"An once of practice is worth a ton of theory." - Swami Sivananda


Food Diet
"Eat fresh, feel healthy, think clearly."

The food diet is Vegetarian and is made from fresh ingredients.

Experience how your body and mind function when their receive nutrients from fresh natural products. 
The daily schedule is design to keep the eating time within a period of 8 hours. The body have 16 hours left to properly digest and process the food. Nowadays known as intermittent fasting, this food diet schedule is practiced since ever by yogis. 

"There is no possibility of one's becoming a yogi, Ô Arjuna, if one eats too much, or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough." - Bhagavad Gita


Karma Yoga
"Selfless action for the benefit of others."

The easiest way to be happy is to make someone else happy.

Karma Yoga is the practice of serving others without self interest. It is a powerful deed that disconet the action from the expectation of reward. 

During one hour every member of the center will be realising a general task to help maintaining the place clean and organised.  You can chose to help sweeping the floor with awareness, cleaning the dishes, doing gardening or any other helpful action that benefits to the group. 

"You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction." - Baghavad Gita


​Coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the retreats as they are counterproductive to the yoga practice. Participants who do not comply with these rules may be dismissed from the course.

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