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"Practice Yoga, meditate and give what you chose to give."

Yoga and meditation have become popular in our modern society.

Many of us wish to live in a state of peaceful hapiness, an experience that cannot be obtained from the outside world.

According to the law of the market, when the demand increases, the price grows. Yoga can become a practice reserved to a certain social class, where only those who can afford the price of a well-being studio can touch the spirit of Yoga. 

Yoga is the Art of living, and must be accessible to one and all. 

This is why Le Vieux Temple organises Donation Based Retreats. The essence of Yoga and meditation can be taught in its pure intention. Every one can learn and practice without financial obstacles. 

The money received by theses donations is used to cover the cost of the following retreats. When one donates, another one can sit and meditate. When one comes to receive the teachings, it is due to the generous contribution of a previous student. 

You are asked to give only what you heart invites you to give, without any self judgement, filled with the joy of allowing more people to receive the precious practice of Yoga and Vipassana meditation. 

The programme and quality of service remain the same for all our retreats.

The purpose of the 50,00€ non-refundable deposit is only to establish a certain commitment, avoiding last minute cancellations and no shows. 

"You are allowed to give according to your free will and generosity"

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