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In the now, you will find what you have been looking for.
Thich Nhat Hahn

It is a shelter away from the agitation of society.

A refuge where one can rest, breathe and explore oneself.

It is your home away from home.

Le vieux temple Yoga
Le vieux temple Yoga

"Abandon attachment remaining balanced in success and failure.
Evenness of the mind is called Yoga."
- Bhagavad Gita -

Le Vieux Temple wishes to offer everyone the opportunity to step out from their daily responsibilities and live for a while according to the Yoga traditions.
Living a healthy lifestyle, with positive thinking. 
Everyone deserves to experience the bliss of a painless body and a peaceful mind.

Le Vieux Temple aims to accompany those seeking these virtues of wellbeing.

The practice includes daily yoga asanas, focusing on Hatha yoga, slow and introspective postures.
No previous experience is required, either to discover or deepen one's practice, the teaching are tailored for everyone to follow their own pace.

Morning and evening meditation allow us to start and end the day with a calm and serene mind.
Vipassana meditation is taught and extended to our daily  practice of Yoga. 

Le Vieux Temple is an old temple built in 1800, transformed during 25 years to become a family house. It is located in the country-side of southern France.

Since 2022 Le Vieux Temple has become a Yoga and Meditation center.


Why us

Le vieux temple Yoga Meditation

Small Groups

Our retreats are limited to 8 participants. Individual attention is privileged, the place is  quiet, everyone's practice becomes deep and serious.


Le vieux temple Yoga Meditation

We are a non-profitable organisation.

Our retreats are hosted in the family house. Our aim is to serve others and share authentic teachings from the traditional practice of Yoga.

All Levels

Le vieux temple Yoga Meditation

You don't need to be already an advanced yogi to join our retreats. As long as you have a body and a mind there is room for you to start your inner journey.
If you are advanced, you will also have the opportunity to deepen seriously your meditation and asanas practice.

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