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Nuria Ursina Sidler presents : Thaï-Yoga massage.
"Immerse yourself in the healing power of your own body"

1st-6th August 2024 - Retreat in English

Nuria Ursina Sidler is an established Thaï-Yoga massage and body therapy specialist, during a sequence of different workshops she will teach how to rediscover this ancien art of healing and meditation. You will learn the principles and techniques of Thai-Yoga Massage and dedicate yourself to this moving

meditation. Working in a small group on the futon and on clothes. You will gain basic knowledge about acupressure therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Using guided sequences and free practices, you will feel the rhythm and playfulness of these sacred massage techniques.

At the end of this 6-days course, you will be able to give and receive a one-hour full body treatment.


During this retreat, the daily schedule remain the same, with a special Thaï-Yoga massage workshop in the afternoon - 3:00pm - 5:45pm.

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